Learn to design your own circuit boards and construct yourself your analog synthesizer !

In this intensive 5-days workshop, you will learn the different phases to develop homemade electronic projects from prototyping and design of a circuit, to etching your own PCB (Printed Circuit Board).In order to this, we will first introduce you in the world of analog electronics, learning to recognize main components, functions and symbols. Then we will combine creative PCB designs using free software and manual drawing.Finally we will build our own printed circuit board using craft etching techniques with cooper boards and acid solution, so you can take your own synth manufactured by yourself and make noise!


Creative Printed Circuit Board With Free Software
#Day 01 Introduction to analog electronics
-Components, functions and symbols
-Reading circuits schematics and diagrams

#Day 02 Introduction to Fritzing ( free software for design PCB )

#Day 03 Design Techniques for PCB
-printed circuit board (PCB) layout from the schematic
-manual drawing

#Day 04 Etching a PCB
-Introduction to PCB etching using laser printer
-Transferring Toner from Paper to Board
-Etching Process

#Day 05 Build your analog synthesizer
-Soldering components
-Jam Session and make noise together!!

Duration: 5 days, 3 hours per day